Monday, December 8, 2014

December 5, 2014


I would just like to start off by saying that Ryan Homes wastes no time! Our PM, Ross, wasn't kidding when he said that they would start dry walling today. The transformation of the framework to looking at the actual dry wall hung up is like night and day. It's true what they say, reading other blogs, people have said that looking at their home with drywall, the spaces appeared to be much bigger. It's almost like an optical illusion.

They dry walled the majority of the house within a day's time. Very impressed. They still have to finish dry walling our master bedroom and my closet. I'm sure that's done as of me blogging this post. From there, after they mud it and the mud dries, they'll skim (sand) everything down to make sure it's even and smooth and then put on that first coat of paint.

Here's a few pictures of the home with most of the drywall hung.

View of the master bedroom/sitting room. I'm in love with the trey ceiling!

Full view of the sitting room.

Another view of the sitting room. One of the things I like about Ryan Homes is that they don't skimp on the outlets. We have about four in our sitting room.  

Did I mention how much I love the trey ceiling? Lol, I think it's so romantic. Trying to get the boyfriend to see my point of view in adding a chic chandelier versus a ceiling fan. Thoughts?

The boyfriend's closet.

View of my closet. This picture was taken from the inside looking out into the bedroom. I've got tow lighting fixtures in here, so if I don't get my way for the chandelier in the bedroom, I'm going to hang two gorgeous ones in here. I have soooo many plans for this closet. Thanks Pinterest!
Our master bath with soaking tub. We originally wanted a Jacuzzi tub but changed our minds after looking into it and researching on upkeep and maintenance. Stand up shower will be in the left hand corner of this photo.

Water closet. 

One of the many things I'm looking forward to once we move in. Looking outside and seeing the nature and wildlife. If you look closely or maximize this picture you'll see a deer grazing about 15-20 feet from the rear of our home. There were about six of them there but this was the best photo I could take without disturbing them.
Of course the boyfriend bought the tape measurer for ONE purpose. To see what size TV he can finagle above the fireplace. LOL, I just left him to his own devices. Men, what can you do??

I mean, really, how big is this TV going to be?!? LOL!

Propane tank was affixed outside on the front law with a line running down here. They use this to heat and dry the house once the mud has been applied to the drywall. You can see a doorway where the unfinished portion of the basement will be. The boyfriend has plans for a theater and gym back there eventually. He's working on the layout and we'll have some companies come by for consultations and estimates once we have gone to settlement.

View from the guest room.

Not sure what he's pointing at but this is a photo of one of the boy's bedroom's.

The other bedroom. The boys really made out because I must say, their bedrooms are large. I'm so glad because not only will they have their own space but they'll have more than enough room to relax and study.

Best. View. EVER! Second story photo the entry way.

Laundry room on the second floor with the bedrooms. THANK GOODNESS!

Photo of the boyfriend's office.

Another photo of the finished rec room. It's quite large.


Formal living room.

Formal dining room. 

Morning room. I'm going to spend a lot of time here drinking coffee/tea, and looking outside the window. The rear of our home backs up to a lake. We have beaver back there as well as deer, turkey, and groundhogs.

Photo of kitchen. Here you can see the bar area and the two pantries. Also, in the left hand portion of the photo you can see where the refrigerator will be.

View of the family room from the garage door.

Photo of a portion of the garage.

Garage doors (duh). They haven't put in our garage door openers yet.

Another photo of the garage.


  1. Ahhhhh! I love your tray ceilings. I can't wait to see it finished with your light fixtures!

  2. Thank you! I'm so excited about this phase because I can really see the inside of the house taking shape!