Monday, December 8, 2014

December 4, 2014

Pre-Drywall Walkthrough

Good evening bloggers! We're moving right along and are getting closer and closer to the finish line. We had our pre-drywall walkthrough today.

Our PM, Ross walked with us throughout the house and showed us the lay of the land. I will admit, just looking at the framework, I wasn't all that impressed and a little bit concerned. You can't really get a good picture of the space without the drywall, so you have to have a pretty good imagination and look "beyond" the framing to really visualize the space.

Ross, showed us where our wiring ran as well as where all our outlets would be placed. With Guardian we opted to have our cable run in the family room and the master bedroom. We have an outlet for our Wi-Fi in the office.

We were able to see the electric work and where the recess lights would be placed as well as the rough-ins for our ceiling fans and future lighting fixtures.

All in all, the walk through went great. Ross told us that on Friday, December 5, they would start hanging the drywall and that the process would take about 7 days to complete.

Here's a few pictures of the framework from our pre-drywall walkthrough to take a gander at.

Family room fireplace. We opted to hang a TV over the fireplace so we will have a company come in to place a bracket on the wall to hang the TV with. On the bottom portion of the window on the right hand side is where our wiring is gathered. I'll have a nice end table to conspicuously house the cable box and blue-ray player.

View of the garage.

View of the family room and portion of the kitchen from the garage door.

View of a portion of the kitchen. Along the left hand portion of the wall is where our refrigerator will be. You can also see the framework and doorway of where one of our pantries will be. Looking at the ceiling, you can see where some of the recessed lights will be as well. They had drywall pretty much laid in every room. You can see the box that will house the light switches along the left hand side of this photo.

View of the formal dining room.            

View of the formal living room.



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