Monday, February 2, 2015

January 31, 2015

The Countdown has Begun
Good afternoon fellow Bloggers! I know it's been a few weeks but there's nothing new to report on the home front except for that we have started counting down til closing!
We're still scheduled to close on the 10th and got some last minute requests from NVR about some paperwork but other than that we are good to go. We have our final walkthrough on the 5th and hopefully that process will go smoothly.
I'm excited, anxious, nervous, and happy all at the same time.
Not looking forward to the moving process as a lot of our belongings are in storage right now. The unpacking part is what I dread the most.
What I'm looking forward to however is the shopping process!
Who's volunteering to help me move, don't all speak up at once, LOL!
For now, here are a few pics of the finished exterior of our home. We have grass. The landscaping leaves a lot to be desired but we are in the Winter months, so in Ryan Homes' defense, I'm sure the pickings were slim at the local nurseries.
Til next time bloggers!
My favorite view of our home. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at this. I can't wait until spring so I can change out the landscaping. Everything looks so bland right now. The trees that they planted are dormant because of the weather so I'm not sure what they'll look like once they bloom. Funny story, there's a pond that sits behind our home with a family of beavers in it. They have been pilfering various trees in the neighborhood so I won't be surprised if one of our trees "go missing".

I tried to take an angled shot but the light pole was in the way.

Side view of our home. We're thinking of putting two large potted plants on either side of the garage. I think it would give the garage a nicer look.

The driveway. The boyfriend stayed in the truck.


  1. Looks great guys, best of luck!

  2. Wow! Your house looks great! I love the color selections! Good luck at your final walk though tomorrow!