Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16, 2015

Almost There...
TGIF Bloggers! Sorry for the late update. I was supposed to have some newer pictures for you last Friday but due to scheduling conflicts and cleaning going on at the house, we weren't able to see it.
However, we met up with Ross, our PM this morning and walked through the home. I just have to continuously give kudos to Ross because he's given us nothing but exemplary service since our first introduction. He's knowledgeable and has always responded to our emails and inquiries.
Today was a very good day. We walked through the entire home and we were amazed by what we saw. The flooring was completely done and looks great, the carpet was laid in the upstairs bedrooms as well as downstairs, our appliances and lighting fixtures are in, and our garages door motors have been installed.
Progress has been made and we don't have too much more to go. With every day that passes, our closing date gets closer. I can't wait until that day.
For now, here are some updated pictures of our home. Have a good weekend Bloggers!
View of the foyer from the front door. Floors are still a little dusty.
View of the stairs and the floor.

View of the second story "catwalk". I really like that feature.

View of the foyer leading into the family room and kitchen.

View of the top of the stairs.
View of the uncovered granite with the hutch and the flooring.

View of the kitchen from the family room. LOVE this!

View of the kitchen from the morning room.

Kitchen island and morning room.

Gas cooktop and microwave.

Double oven and bar area of the kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen.

Close up view of the gas cook top.

Say cheese!! View of the kitchen sink with dishwasher and bar area.

Double ovens.
Powder room.

View into the formal dining room. They look like they're having some serious conversations over there.

Formal living room.

The boyfriend's office.
View of the stairs leading to the basement.
Family room.
The boys bathroom.
Bedroom #1.
Bedroom #2
Guest bedroom.
Master bedroom. He looks like he's really doing something on that phone.

Master sitting room.




  1. Your home is looking so great! I love all of your selections. Your almost at the finish line.

    1. Hi Christina, I'm a bundle of emotions just thinking about the day we go to closing. I'm happy, nervous, and apprehensive all at the same time.

  2. It looks fantastic! Your kitchen is absolutely stunning.

  3. Oh WOW! I love your stairs going up. Gorgeous. I also love your kitchen, twinsie! Lol. House looks huge! Also that pic you took of the powder makes it look massive!

  4. Hey Bridget! With the flooring in the powder room it makes it look a lot my mind I was like "Gianni going to decorate that?!?" Lol

  5. This house makes mine look like a shack, I just cant look at it...LOL..OMG its amazing, love the columns, it looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo big, holy cow. What a beautiful home :)

  6. dwtimes2, your home is GORGEOUS! As soon as I saw this home in our development, I fell in love with it. The sales rep couldn't even get through the other models with me, I was sold. It was love at first sight for me. I'm just ready to start decorating now;)

  7. Everything came together great, good luck!

  8. Just wondering why you didn't initially install your chandelier and other upgrades such as your master shower. Curious for future construction.

  9. Hey Janet! We were told by our PM that we couldn't install our own fixtures, and unfortunately for liability reasons they wouldn't install them for us. So, in our master bedroom as well as in the guest bedrooms, and family room, we've opted to just have the rough-ins installed so we can mount our own lighting fixtures. The chandelier for the formal dining room and any other fixture that we opt to upgrade will have to be installed by an independent contractor after settlement. It may be different for other people in other communities but this is what we were told. We have an electrician on standby for the day after closing, lol. Ryan Homes has other lighting options other than the base options however we found them to be a bit pricey. I hope that this helps, and good luck with your build!

  10. Thank you for your quick response. Your home looks beautiful and your blog quite informative. It appears you have had a wonderful experience with Ryan, unlike so many posts I've read on reviews. Please let all of us know if you continue to be happy with your home--really hope you will be.

    1. You're welcome! I can honestly say that my boyfriend and I have had a great experience with Ryan Homes. I have seen some of the blogs with the negative posts but I believe that we were fortunate in having such great SR's and a great PM. I'll definitley keep you and everyone else informed as we will be going to closing in the next few weeks. So excited!!!