Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 7, 2015

 Locked Out!

Afternoon Bloggers! Just a quick update with pictures to follow some time this weekend. I talked with my PM Ross (He is the GREATEST) via email yesterday just to check in and see how the progress on our home is coming along.
I had figured that with the snow and the weather and the closing and delays of school that not a lot would have been done if at all. Well, I was wrong!
Ross told me that they were able to come and lay down the carpet as well as a majority of the hardwood floors done. Completion of the flooring would be at some point today. During the course of next week, they'll be going back over everything with a fine toothed comb to repair and touch-up anything.
Now, the boyfriend calls himself going on a covert mission at "zero dark-thirty" yesterday night to check on the house and SADLY we are now officially locked out!
The lights were on when he pulled up and happily enough he discovered that our driveway had been laid. Both garage doors were locked as well as the front door (he thought about climbing through a window but I advised against that, lol). All of the lights were on.
We have carpet in the upstairs living quarters and finished basement rec room only. We have hardwood flooring everywhere else. Our banisters have been stained as well. You all thought that I was bad as a neighborhood stalker. The boyfriend is worse than me!
I'm meeting up with Ross tomorrow afternoon to go in and check out what's been done in our home.
Also, I talked with Brandon our sales representative who advised me that we have a soft date of Feb 10, 2015 for closing. No time scheduled as of yet. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I look forward to sending you all some updated pictures this weekend at some point. Til next time Bloggers!

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