Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 3, 2015

And then there was Light...and granite...and a shower frame!

Good evening Bloggers and Happy New Year! I hope that everyone's Christmas was wonderful and that you all got to spend it with your children, friends, and family.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update the blog. With Christmas and the new year I'm just now finding the time to sit down and catch you all up on the great things that have been going on at the "OB" (Oberlin Terrace).

We once again found ourselves "in the neighborhood" and were happy to see that we had outside lights! Our garage and front door lights were not only installed, they were on (mental note, to come by at night and take pictures of the house with the lights on).

Once we stepped inside we noticed that they also had installed the granite. Let me just say that I'm extremely happy with our choice (Azul Platino).

The boyfriend put together an outline of a 75 in television that he plans to hang up above the fireplace mantle. He is happy to report that once centered and bracketed into place properly he believes that it would look perfect and make a great centerpiece for our family room. Let me just say that I will concede to him on this front as I have full interior decorating control on every other portion of our home except for his study. So, a gargantuan television in the grand scheme of things is something that I can live with. Did I mention that he's looking into a wireless sound system to accompany it!? (HELP).

Speaking of decorating, we were able to go backsplash shopping as well and found two subway tile colors that we are looking at to be laid as backsplash in the kitchen. Subway tile and I have a long history and needless to say I'm OBSESSED with it and so happy that I get to use it in our home. We found a tile and granite store in Columbia, MD. They had a huge variety of different type of tiles in all sorts of color schemes. We were happy that we were able to hold on to our two choices so we could see how either of them played against the granite (can't wait to take those pictures).

Anywho, on to the real reason why you're looking at my blog....PICTURES! Til next time bloggers!

They also painted our door and finished the molding around the top middle window above the "crow's nest".

Garage lights installed and working properly as well.
My kitchen with granite. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

 Another view of the kitchen from the middle of the family room.

 My favorite vantage point of the kitchen. You get the full effect from this angle and it's great!
A closer view of the granite.
The granite countertops where our refrigerator will be placed.
This is where the gas cooktop will be.
Granite along the bar area and sink area. The sinks are huge.
They installed the shower frame as well. I like it but the next picture is the type of shower frame I hope to replace it with after closing.  
THIS is the type of shower frame I would really like. I love how it's "frameless" and how tall it is. I feel like it makes the shower look larger and is a better fit for our master bathroom.

The lights in our boys bathroom. The lighting is similar in our master bathroom as well. I'm thinking about replacing the lights in both bathrooms as well and framing out the bathroom mirrors to give everything a more modern and updated look. It's very inexpensive and there's lots of varieties as well.

Recessed light in the rear of the family room.

One of the recessed lights in the family room.
Dining room lighting. It's nice but that'll be getting swapped out for a more elegant chandelier fixture within a month of us moving in. Going to have an independent contractor come out as well and install wainscoting as well for a more formal look.

 The boyfriend's rendering of a 75 in television. It's not centered at all in this picture but I think it will work out. I have big plans for those gorgeous windows too.

Another picture of the house. It's really coming together. I can't wait until they're able to lay down the grass and cement the driveway.


  1. Your house is really coming along! I love that kitchen and hutch.

  2. Thank you so much Christina! I fought hard for that hutch, lol!

  3. Oh man!!!! Looks gorgeous!!! Jim is going to hang our "fancy" chandelier tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I can't wait to see your home!

  4. Hey Bridget! Closing can't come soon enough. I can't wait to see your chandelier. LOVE your kitchen!!!!