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April 2014

Oberlin Terrace Floor Plans and Upgrades/Options Pt 1

How we Came to Choose the "OB" Oberlin Terrace as Our Home
Funny story. When choosing our lots we had originally settled on a lot right smack dap in the middle of a quiet cul-de-sac. We thought it would be best suited for us and our blended family and would be a nice place for the boys to play and gather. You know the saying "the early bird catches the worm?", we were not the early birds.
We had gone back and forth in really deciding if THIS was the place that we wanted to set down roots and by the time we were actually ready to reserve that particular lot in the cul-de-sac we were told by the sales representative that it was no longer available.
We were a little disappointed but we had no one to blame but ourselves.
Let me back track for a moment. Our sales representatives Sean and Brandon are the GREATEST! They're very knowledgeable and always willing to answer our many many questions. Love those guys!
Ok, now back to our lot story. After Sean told us that our cul-de-sac lot was no longer available, he steered us toward looking at Lot #23A. Prior to us sitting down and discussing lot choices with him we had looked at all the models this particular community offered and settled on the Oberlin for practicality reasons (not to mention it is a STUNNING HOME!). The only thing is, since it's one of their larger homes we would need a site large enough to accommodate it and our 3 car garage.
Looking at Lot #23A on the site map, it didn't look too appealing but Sean changed our minds after taking us out to look at it. It's the largest if not one the largest lots on the street, it can support our 3-car side load garage and will eventually have a walkway like path which gives us more space in between us and Lot #21A. In a nutshell, it was love at first site (pun intended!).
Below you will find more pictures of our lot as well as some photos from Ryan's website of our "OB" and the floor plans that we went with.
Our patch of grass!
I've never been more excited about a patch of grass in my life!
Very happy with the size of our lot.
What our "OB" Oberlin Terrace will look like.
Elevation B
Main Level
We upgraded everything on this floor plan except the bay windows and the sunroom. Looking back on it, I wish that we did that as well. I just couldn't justify the $22,000 to add the sunroom. Oh well, too late to turn back now. With the elevation we chose, it automatically added an extra few feet to the upstairs bedrooms (for the boys), which is always a plus. The morning room bump out was a "perk" for the event the builder was running as well as $10,000 in closing assistance. I'm in love with the upgraded kitchen and gourmet island as I love to cook and entertain and can't wait to do so once we move in. Also, in this particular model you get a secondary pantry in the kitchen (food for thought).  We got the 4-foot extension in the family room to give us some extra square footage as well. We also added the fireplace, and are now considering whether or not to leave the mantel as is or bring in our own contractor to add stone veneers to it.
Upper Level
We chose not to add a bath with bedroom #2. With our two boys, we figured that it would be enough to have them share bathroom #1 and just added an additional sink. Bathroom #2 is surprisingly large so I'm fairly confident there won't be too much pushing and shoving in the AM when getting ready for school (fingers crossed). Bedroom #2 and Bedroom #3 would be their rooms and Bedroom #4 will act as our guest room. Bedroom #2 and #3 were the bedrooms that would automatically have an extra few feet added to it based on the elevation we chose. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our master bedroom. We upgraded our owner's suite to include the sitting room, which is my favorite part of the house so far. The sitting room is just as large if not larger than our secondary bedrooms so there'll be lots of room to stretch out and relax. Side note, just for FYI, if you choose this home and get the 3-car side load garage, it also increases your closet space (ladies). I'm literally salivating because I can't wait to install custom closets and an island in there. It'll be my own little retreat.
Along with the morning room and $10,000 closing cost assistance Ryan Homes has also offered to finish a portion of the basement as part of their sales incentive. We've come up with the thought that the already finished portion of the basement would serve as an area for the boys to play, study, and entertain their friends (already looking for sturdy furniture). From there, we will hire a contractor to wire and finish the media room. During the pre-construction meeting we were told that the media room would have to be wired, insulated, dry-walled, the WORKS! It's ok because it gives my boyfriend a clean slate to work off of and make it the media room of his dreams. There's another area for storage or a basement bedroom. We have chose to make that the gym. My boyfriend has so many great ideas for it, I just can't wait to work out in it! Our basement bathroom will not be finished but the 3-piece rough-ins will already be in place so the contractor won't have to dig for any pipe lines.

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