Friday, October 24, 2014

September 2014

There's a Hole in the Ground!!

Let me just start this post off by saying that patience is NOT my strong suit. When getting a house built you need an abundance of it. The process of waiting for that call saying "you're loan is approved" is agonizing to say the least. Everyday will be the day that your loan officer will call you with the good news and everyday he/she doesn't call, you get a little disappointed.

Once we got the "phone call that changed our lives", we were ecstatic. The joy that filled our hearts to know that we were one step closer to living in our dream home was overwhelming to say the least. Not soon after we were approved for our loan did we get an email from our P.M. Ross to let us know that they would be starting excavation on our lot.

A little background on our P.M. Ross has been in the industry for about 20 years and is knowledgeable about his job. He has a "second in command" Jacques, who is oversees construction and building projects. Let me just tell you, anyone who can put up with me and my "lookbook" (yes folks, I have a lookbook) is a SAINT! During our pre-construction meeting I whipped it out and went down a list of questions that I found online from reading all of your Ryan Homes blogs. It's great to  know that all of you out there in blog world have similar questions as it pertains to the construction portion of your home. It was really helpful to me as I didn't really know what questions to ask. I digress, Ross and Jacques answered all of our questions and took the time to explain why certain things were the way they were. Ross is very responsive and would email me back relatively soon in regards to an inquiry I may have had. (I'm doing my best to not bombard him with unnecessary emails, but I'm so anxious for the house to be completed).

Now, back to the hole in the ground. Prior to Ross emailing my boyfriend and I, we would literally "stalk" out our lot and community. We would drive through at various times of the day and evening to include the night to see what kind of neighborhood it truly was afterhours. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with our community. It's quiet and serene, no matter what time you pass through.

At this point our lot was still a patch of grass and after about visit #1,000 we were hoping to see some change in the lot or maybe a stake or plot points of some sort. We would visit our lot at least twice a week, and PRAY that there was some sort of construction going on but to no avail.

I told you patience isn't my strong suit. So, during the latter part of September, imagine my surprise when I just "happened to be in the neighborhood" and low and behold there was a hole!

Now, onto phase #2 right?? Build a house, well, I've got a story for you but you'll have to wait til the next blog to hear about it! 

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