Saturday, October 18, 2014

April 2014

The Decision to Buy (New Build vs. Already Established)
The decision to purchase a home is not a decision to be entered into lightly. My boyfriend and I thought that we would find the perfect home, an already built residence that would need minimal work to make our own.
BOY WERE WE WRONG!! We looked at various properties and even though we saw some great ones, we realized that minimal work equaled mucho dinero. It would take more money than we were willing to come up with to put into the property and make it our own. The money we would have to scrounge up to put into the already established home we could utilize on a new build.
After doing some research, we settled on a community in Prince George's County, Maryland and went with Ryan homes as our builder.
The beginning stages of the purchasing process was relatively easy. We toured the community and settled on a lot which could hold the Oberlin Terrace. A deposit to reserve the lot was given and the rest was history.
During the course of my blogging I will add pictures and give insightful information into our process and what we have gone through with Ryan Homes. Honestly, I have nothing bad to report as our progress so far has gone relatively smooth.
I welcome you on our journey to building what we affectionately call "The OB", Oberlin Terrace by Ryan Homes.

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