Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 12, 2014

Christmas Came Early!

Good evening Bloggers! We met up with our PM Ross today to do a walk through of the house after they finished dry walling everything. When we came in they were sanding down the "mud" along the walls.

Ross told us that next week they would start installing the cabinetry, doors, railings, and ceramic tile.

Now for the best part, the "gifts"! Santa dropped off some presents a little early this month. Even Ross was surprised with the timing of the delivery of some of the items. Take a look at some of the pictures. I'll be making an appointment to meet up with Ross next Friday to see what's been done so I can have more progressive photos to show you all.

'Til next time Bloggers!!

Staircases with iron balusters

Crown molding and base boards


Cabinets, bathroom vanities, and sinks, oh my!

More cabinets




  1. Now is when the fun starts! Every time I would go see our house at that stage it would just make me so happy. Something would be done every single day! Yay!! Good luck!

  2. Hey Bridget! I'm literally trying to keep myself from "stalking" out the house because they should have started putting the cabinetry in today. I told myself I'm going to touch base with our PM on Weds and go by on Fri, but I'm not sure that I can wait that long, lol!!

  3. Those pretty iron balusters! I'm sure they are in now and look beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures of your home complete. This was the model of our old home. :)

  4. Hi Michelle! My boyfriend "snuck" by the lot without me yesterday evening and said that the balusters are in and the columns, oven, bathroom vanities, and double oven have been installed. So I said "pictures"? And he says "I didn't take any"....MEN!!! I'll be swinging by on Friday to take some photos so I'll be posting soon!