Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 19, 2014

Progress on the House
Evening Bloggers! Went by the house to check on the progress and I was happy to see that they had installed our cabinetry, railings, and columns. They were painting as well. Our siding was also installed.
Also, the County Inspector dropped by to inspect our front stoop. All systems go, he gave the thumbs up and Ross our PM said that they would most likely lay the concrete for the walkway leading up to the stoop today.
The flooring company was in the house and they were in the beginning stages of lining our bathtub and shower and would mostly likely begin tiling our bathrooms as well. Ross said that this typically takes about 3 days to complete so they would most likely be working through the weekend to get this done.
Ross said that since we're nearing the holidays they would finish up the tiling and what else needed to be completed this week and that our hardwood flooring and carpet would be installed sometime early January.
The good news is that Ross has us in his book doing our final walkthrough on February 5th so I'm assuming that closing will take place shortly after that, though we haven't been given a concrete date yet.  
We're nearing the finish line and I must say I'm quite happy with the progress of the house and our experience thus far with RH. I'm excited at how everything is turning out and I honestly can't wait to start shopping for furniture and accessories.
Here are some pictures to tide you over. I can't wait to take pictures of the final product. Until next time Bloggers!
Updated progress on the exterior of the house. All the brick has been installed and they even installed the shutters. Can't wait until they finish our stoop and add our "crow's nest".

Another angle of the house where you can see the siding that has been installed.

I can't get enough of this house. Please don't mind the dirt. I'm sure we'll have grass and few trees soon.

Another side view of the house with the siding installed.
Our mantle. They're painting hence the covering on the windows. The boyfriend is stoked about this mantle because it's long enough to support the television of his dreams and a Sonos sound bar. This is going to be interesting.

Another view of our family room from the hallway of our entryway. I'm going to have a lot of fun furnishing this place!

Shot of the railing and balusters that lead down into our rec room. I cannot wait until they stain those. It's going to turn out great!

Boyfriend's master bathroom vanity installed with granite. I'm happy that RH has started installing hardware on the cabinetry. I was reading on other blogs that people had to purchase their own and that the cabinets were hard to open without them. I happened upon a blog that mentioned this place called "Mirror Mate". I googled them online and it's a company who can outfit mirrors with all sorts of great looking borders. It gives the basic builder grade mirror a "makeover". So happy that I found the website because the prices are extremely reasonable and the end results are great.
Our trey ceiling in our master bathroom. I like the way this turned out.

Upstairs laundry room with cabinetry installed. Let me just tell you that I'm sooooo glad that this home already had the laundry room upstairs because I'm outnumbered by men and boys in this house 3 to 1. Though the exercise would be great, I CANNOT lug clothes up and down the stairs every other day, LOL!

Worker from the tiling company installing a shield in the boys' bathroom before installing the tile in the shower and on the floor.
Closer view of the boys' double vanity. No fighting over counter space here! They can both wake up and get ready for school and various other activities in peace (at least I hope so!).
Photo of the columns leading into the formal living room. I love these columns. I've got some really good ideas for this room.

View of the formal dining room. We have crown molding and chair railing. We didn't opt to put the wainscoting with RH but we'll get someone to install that soon after settlement.

Another view of the formal dining room from the entryway hallway.

Stair railings and balusters installed that lead to the upstairs bedrooms.

Door to the boyfriend's office. We would've liked French double doors installed but weren't able to get that.

Photo of the kitchen. Granite should be installed sometime next week or early January. Love the columns of our bar. Going to put two/three bar stools there (still searching for the right ones). If you look to the left of this photo you can see that they installed my double ovens. This was a must have since I am going to be entertaining a lot once we've settled in.

More cabinetry. This is where our refrigerator will be. Still debating on swapping out the refrigerator (side by side) for a different one (French doors w/ bottom freezer).
View from the doorway leading into my master bedroom closet. You can't really get the full effect of its size from this angle but I'll post better pictures once I get the shelving installed.

Master bedroom and sitting room.



  1. You are very lucky that door knobs were included. The cabinet opening was brutal. My husband finished all the door knobs but not the drawer pulls(they are a handle so are taking more time)and as I was opening a drawer today I broke a nail. BRUTAL.

    The house is coming along beautifully! I love it.

  2. I know right!?! Everyone was posting about there not being any hardware on the cabinetry and I was already looking for different options the stores had to offer. As I break my nails all the time I feel your pain, SMH.

  3. Hi! I absolutely love the Oberlin terrace and am so jealous! :) Your home is coming together so nicely. I'm not sure if drawer pulls come on all of our cabinets. I need to look into that. I know that they come in the kitchen.

  4. Hi Christina! It was love at first sight for us and the Oberlin Terrace. I'm going to say that if you have hardware on your kitchen cabinets than they most likely will be on your bathroom and laundry room cabinetry. I was pleasantly surprised by this and!

  5. Your home is absolutely beautiful!! The brick exterior and the finish of the cabinets look great! The columns in the kitchen are impressive!! I haven't seen them in models in my area. Oh how I wish this option was available...:)

  6. LaRon, let me just say that when I saw that this home was available in our community I didn't want to see any other models. I was "sold" (literally). We felt that it was the most practical for what we needed as well as it offered all of the perks that we wanted. From beginning up until now this has been a fantastic experience. I can't wait to see the end result.