Monday, November 10, 2014

November 5, 2014

Progressive Photos of Framing
Framing continued on November 5th where they put up the walls around the first level of the home.
The rear of the house. You can see the bump out to where the rear of the morning room extension will be. There's a rectangular opening to where the door to the backyard will be.
Another angle of the rear of the home. The foundation is more visible then we would like but hopefully they'll level it off with some dirt and sod. We'll ask and keep our fingers crossed. You can see more of the extension of the family room in this picture as well as more windows.
Love the way the sun is shining down in this photo. It's a sign!!
The right side of the home (if you're facing it from the street). The room at the front corner of the home, I believe will be the formal dining room.
An angled photo of our side entry garage. Love that we chose to do a side entry.
Another photo of the side entry garage. You can see the three windows that will be facing the street. We'll have black shutters once the windows are put in place with a brick veneer. Very traditional exterior.
Another photo of the garage. (Don't mind the dumpster). In this photo you can see the third garage door standing alone. That will be my boyfriend's domain where he can tinker to his heart's content. (that is until I get my funky fresh new whip, rubs hands together devilishly, lol)
Full frontal of the home with a view of the first floor living space. Here I feel you can get an idea of the placement of the home. One of my favorite pictures.
A view of the home from the street. We came at lunchtime so everyone was away from the site. Best time to come so you're not in the way so to speak.
Another view from the street. Our soon to be neighbor's house on the right hand side. I'm curious to know and meet my neighbors. So far, everyone has been friendly and waving as they pass by. There's a few homes being built on our street at the same time. We're one of the last few lots left that are actively being built on.
You can see the opening in the middle of this picture where the front door will be. I can't wait to have actual people come through that door as we welcome them to our new home. More pictures to come!

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