Monday, November 17, 2014

November 15, 2014

Evening friends! The boyfriend and I went by our home site to check on the progress of the roof. We found two roofers shingling and tacking down the roof. It appears that they started from opposite ends of the home and started to work their way to the middle. The job appeared a bit daunting to me but I guess when this is what you're certified in doing it's "the norm" for you. They had a pretty good rhythm and though we didn't stay long, we predicted that at the rate they were going they would get most of it if not all of the roof completed by the end of the day.
Also, notice that they installed the windows! Our home is starting to take shape. I'm so excited.
Hopefully, the  next phase will be plumbing and electric and with the delivery of bricks, maybe they'll be doing that at the same time. I'll keep you posted. Til next time bloggers!
Sideview of the roof and shingles.

Roofer #1

Roofer #2

I'm not sure that I could do what they do. They made it look easy though.


Front view with our delivery of bricks and mortar.
You can see the bags of shingles they have on the roof. There's a lot of bags.

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